WebtestingVersion 2.0 (draft)

Test your website regularly on performance, changes and more! Now pre-register your website for free and explore features.

Pre-register a Website

Highlight Plans

Planetary plan provides online summary of evaluated features. It is informative and completely for free.
$21/ mo
Stellar plan additionally provides details for each summary and gets evaluated more frequently.
$89/ mo
Galactic plan additionally lets you customize default values, dictionaries and much more!

Evaluation and Monitoring

Syntax Linting
Checks source codes for a syntax validity, including HTML, CSS, JS.
Gcustom syntaxes
Domain Expiration
Watches the domain's expiration date according to current date.
Gcustom period
URL Duplicity
Detects different links referencing to same or similar pages.
Gignored queries
Domain Registry
Watches for changes of the domain name servers and other register entries.
Gcustom entries
Resource Files
Checks for availability of resource files both internal and external.
Gcustom files
SEO Audits
Validate how well can Google search engines understand your content.
Gcustom rules
Web Accessibility
Verifies whether all users can access content and navigate your site effectively.
Gcustom impact
Content Links
Checks availability of both internal and external links within the content.
Gcustom codes
PWA Audits
Validates aspects of a Progressive Web App to make sure the site is PWA optimized.
Gcustom impact
URL Alternatives
Verifies alternative links, such as with or without www or trailing slash.
Gcustom pattern
Best Practices
Verifies code health of your web page following Google's best practices.
Gcustom impact
Status Codes
Verifies expected status codes, 200 OK and 404 NOT FOUND.
Gcustom codes
Performance Audits
Measures overall performance and finds opportunities to speed up page loading.
Gcustom limits

Service Configuration

Update On Demand
Send a manual request after a page has been fixed or modified to priority update its stats.
P1 request / mo
S10 requests / mo
G100 requests / mo
Result Visibility
Show your website stats publicly or keep them exclusively for yourself.
Get notified about recent results and warnings via email or push notifications.
Output Format
View stats and test results online or in PDF or integrate them using API.
Testing History
Access the history of test results and content changes to watch the website's progress.
Tested Pages
Provide a list of web pages to be tested or use a crawler to make sure all links get involved.
Phome + 1 random
Slist of links
Testing Frequency
The website will be tested regularly based on the selected frequency.
P10 pages / mo
S100 pages / mo
G1000 pages / mo